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Karen P. Aug 06, 2016 1363 views

Which is more important when choosing a job: salary or work-life balance?

As a high school student, I have many needs and wants throughout the school year. Obviously, I would have to financially support myself if many of my desires are a bit pricey or my parents are no longer supporting me financially (other than food, shelter, etc.) Is it better to take up a...

#salary #workflow-management #work-life-balance #money #financial-planning #education-management

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Brittany S. Oct 21, 2016 624 views
Alexa O.’s Avatar
Alexa O. Oct 22, 2016 684 views

Do you think it's fair that a single standardized test can define you in your education?

I have recently begun applying to colleges. In doing so, I have been asked on numerous occasions what my ACT and SAT score is. Personally, I believe that one test should not be a determining factor in whether or not you get into college. Students have worked their whole primary education in...

#education #principal #professional-development #japan #teacher #higher-education #education-management

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Adamar L. Oct 29, 2016 888 views

Is it okay to feel scare to start working?

Im new to all of this "independence"...


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Mildred D. Dec 22, 2016 468 views

Does the number of high school years affect students goals?

In high school, most students usually learn stuffs that aren't related to their careers. It's true that math, reading, and science play a big role in the future, but shouldn't the school board minimize the amount of years learning those stuffs, and prioritize the effects of those core classes...


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Mildred D. Dec 22, 2016 486 views

Is motivation the main aspect of encouraging yourself or is it discipline?

As a high school student, motivation is taboo to me, just like it is to some other kids, but as for discipline, it was a word that I grew up with. By the time exams are about to come out, discipline was the word of those days. Was I motivated to learn those extra lessons, no. But I forced...


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Nada D. Dec 26, 2016 467 views

What are some good jobs to start out with for the experience?

I want to find a job that is compatible with high school hours and homework but gives some job experience. The pay doesn't matter per say but above minimum wage would definitely be a plus. #jobs #high-school-students...


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Caleb N. Jan 09, 2017 612 views

What can I do with a BA in Education?

It seems that in order to teach anywhere I need a Masters in Education, so what can I do in the education field with a BA? #education #higher-education #k-12-education...


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Shakera C. Jan 21, 2017 683 views

is social work worth it?

Im currently a junior in high school and i want a career in Mental Heath social work for kids specifically but any age is fine. I curious how i should go about it with colleges. Also if its worth it, i understand that the pay isnt he best but is the personal satisfaction enough? Im thinking od...

#social-work #social #mental-health-counseling #mental-health #college

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Miguel R. Mar 13, 2018 291 views

How can I look better for my dream college?

I have the basics such as good grades and extracurricular activities but what else can I do to look better for my dream college. #stanford #college...