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How can I look better for my dream college?

I have the basics such as good grades and extracurricular activities but what else can I do to look better for my dream college. #Stanford #college #college-admissions

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3 answers

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Aparna’s Answer

Dear Miguel,

Congratulations and cheers ! You have already developed good things that would automatically place you in the race for a good college. If you are looking at colleges like Stanford or Harvard-show them and tell them how you are "exceptional" . Your grades, challenging coursework, your leadership skills, extra curricular activities and your high test scores are highly important.

Look out for summer internship opportunities to build your skills in the academic areas that interest you and you are passionate about. Going above and beyond and showing a genuine passion in the things that you undertake usually culminates into good essays.

P.S. My suggestion is to apply broadly and keep yourself positive and happy. While having a "dream college" is motivating and inspiring, it's better not to put your eggs in one basket . College admissions these days are unpredictable, it's important not to focus on one dream college.

Good luck!

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Nicole’s Answer

Hi Miguel R. I see that you posted this question a little while ago so I hope my answer to you (or others who may read this response) is still helpful.

Going a little deeper on one of the great answers that have already been provided...leadership skills. One significant way that college applicants can distinguish themselves is to demonstrate their leadership skills. A person's willingness to lead, direct, manage a team, a project or an afterschool group, can be a strong indicator of that individuals ability to problem solve and work with others to get a positive outcome. These are not always easy traits to develop but just like other important tasks, practice become perfect ;)!

I encourage applicants to consider how they can best nurture and highlight their leadership skills, even before applying to colleges, when and where possible. It will be worth the effort.

Best of luck to you!
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Richard’s Answer

The most important parts of college applications are:
Test Scores - Most college require either the SAT or ACT. You're just the right time to begin taking them
(you can take them as much as you want until you get a score you're happy with). Start studying through
Khan Academy or buying study books at a library to prepare.
Volunteer Hours - Colleges always look for well-rounded, good people. A key component to this is how
much of your time you spend volunteering.
Organizations, specifically leadership positions - Many universities LOVE leaders. Having leadership
positions, especially elected ones, will help you both to get in to colleges and to get scholarships.
Good grades in tough classes - Take as many AP or IB classes as you can, and always work to have as high
a GPA as you can.
Essays - The essays are some of the most important components of a good college application. During your
classes, focus on improving your writings skills so that you can craft the best essays you can when your
applications start.