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Career goal?

My career goal is to be a Psychologist. therapists

I think the best advice I can give to you is to really understand how you you study best. I'm not sure what grade you are in, but sometimes when people enter college, they end up struggling a bit more than others because they don't know how to study. If flashcards work for you I suggest downloading Inquisitive, go to office hours take notes, and ask for help. The more you ask, the less awkward asking becomes. When you don't know how you study best, retaining information becomes really difficult and can be harder for you in the long run. Stay on top of your assignments and get stuff done early. Feeling confident in your classes will help you feel confident in your abilities to reach your goal. Mia M.

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Gloria’s Answer

Hi Lakeia,

I would recommend that you think about what area of Psychology that you would like to pursue. Your preference is an important element since it is you probably focusing on areas where you can use your natural talent. Work is never always great, fun, or easy, so being able to enjoy your work even when it is hard is an important component to the choice that you make. Also think about how you see your work impacting the world. You are choosing a job that will impact people's lives. That can be a heavy burden, especially when you are not successful in helping those people.