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What is a good way to get money fast

Asked Indiana, Indiana

If you are saving for something important and you need the money in certain amount of time. I would like to know how to get it. #everyone

3 answers

Stephanie’s Answer

Updated Columbus, Ohio

Bartending, waitressing, and or working as a cocktail waitress can earn you a lot of tips, especially in high trafficked or high end restaurants or bars (or in popular vacation cities). Nannying can get you anywhere from $10-$20/hour for more affluent families, and some families even offer benefits and paid weeks off for good nannies.

Getting a research grant or some kind of educational stipend can be helpful too because you usually get a lump sump or the ability to earn a significant amount of money, and can spread the work load in between classes, the weekends, etc.

Lastly, I'd recommend doing brand ambassador work as a promotional person. you usually just hand out postcards or product at events or on campus and you can make really good money (like $15-$20/hour) doing it.

matthew’s Answer

Updated Victoria, Texas

Well, if it was me I will pray first and then take steps by making other decisions such as getting a part-time job and telling people i can tell, such as my loved ones and people that care about me e.g. siblings, parents, and spouse, and maybe friend(s)...

Ben’s Answer

Updated Menlo Park, California

I'm going to honest with you fast money is often difficult to come by legitimately and most methods of getting fast cash can be sketchy/illegal (Don't go down that path. I've had friends who've been involved in that stuff and it didn't end up well for them.)

However, here are some legitimate ways you can earn some money:

  1. Get a job- this is the most obvious answer but it is the most reliable way you can earn money. Maybe you won't get fast money, but you get a constant stream of income which is good.

  2. Do yard work for neighbors-walk around the neighborhood ask if your neighbors need their lawn mowed, weeds pulled out, etc.

  3. Resell some of your old stuff/hold a garage sale- Do you have an old iPod?, used in good condition clothes?, a camera you don't really use?, some old video games?, etc. You probably won't get rich, but you can get some extra pocket money.

  4. Do you have any marketable skills to offer- Can you tutor other people in a certain subject?, Can you teach others an instrument?, Do you do photography?, Can you make websites for other people?, etc.