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Best universities for Psychology student?

Where would you advise a psychology student to attend for their Master's in psychology? psychology master's program psychiatry

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2 answers

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Jason’s Answer

Since you are talking about starting at the BA level, and it sounds like you have an idea as to what you'd like to do...
I think it would be best if you looked into their current internships and research projects based on the faculty in the departments. You should go to a school that has things that interest you for your career. Best of luck. Psychology is such a massive industry, you should do some research on the things that interest you the most. See if the department will let you outreach to alumni?

Jason recommends the following next steps:

get a comnprehensive list of the schools that you are generally interested in for other reasons
break that list down by specific aspects of the major.
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Emily’s Answer

Hi Princess,
I'm also a psychology major and it's important to go to a good research school! You should research and explore which schools not only fit your interests but have a program that fits your career path. I go to Rutgers University and they are known for research, they also have multiple internships and volunteer opportunities that you can apply for and get more experience.