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What would be the correct foot wear would be for mechanic work

I am going to be going into auto mechanic work soon human-resources

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3 answers

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Stephen’s Answer

Hi Jacob,

I'd look into getting steel toe boots if you will be working in an environment with heavy equipment.
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Heather’s Answer

Hello Brandon,
Thank you for your question.
Working in the auto mechanical industry will require a good shoe or boot that protects your foot and ultimately your body. The most important rule in any shop is safety first. Once you are hired, your employer and human resources administrator will give you the information for the right shoes for your work environment. Some employers offer discounts or will pay a set dollar amount towards your shoes.

Think of some of the items and materials you'll come in contact with, while working in an auto repair shop. You'll be working with heavy tools, tires, and auto parts. In addition, oils, battery acids, and electrical items. Some of the shoe or boot requirements may be: slip resistent, oil resistent, puncture resistant, and contain electrical hazard protection. One of the most common items required are steel toes. This type of shoe protects your foot in case something very heavy drops on the front part of your foot.

Study hard and be safe!

Heather recommends the following next steps:

Google best shoes for mechanics
Check some work boot suppliers like Red Wing Shoes
Study hard and never give up!
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Brandon’s Answer

Typically steel toe boots/shoes. Some people wear normal shoes llike sneakers but it can be dangerous since there could be the chance that something falls on your foot. Going with steel toed boots/shoes is the best way to go.