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im a 16 yer old student wondering if there are eny good welding jobs for me thank you

i want to be a welder but im looking for good jobs job career job-search

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1 answer

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Donna’s Answer

Welding like construction is often a job/career which requires you to travel where the work is. This can be hard on family or significant others in your life. That is not to say you can't find a position which would keep you in one local area.

As Michael commented above, reaching out to local unions, teachers, and supervisors will help you understand how your future goals fit into this type of job.

I work with a youth group which offered, a Summer Program to qualify the students in Scuba diving. One of the young men in high school was working part time as a welder at a local factory. When his supervisor found out he was certified in deep water dives, they immediately sent him for instruction in underwater welding and offered him a raise upon successful completion of High School and Underwater Welding certifications.