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How will I know that they are hiring?

I'm a bubbly person lovee to laugh and I like fashion. I'm a people's person easy to approach and easy to communicate with

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2 answers

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Will’s Answer

Hi Kholofelo,

Your first question on this forum🏅! Bravo!

Some preliminary steps to consider:
- Check websites, normally Jobs/Careers tab, of your target companies to see if they are hiring and what openings they have.

- If you are just looking around, I would recommend check both worldwide and local employment websites like:

- Connect with professionals in fashion industry through career fairs or networking sites like LinkedIn.

Good luck🤞


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Rebecca’s Answer

I would suggest that a few ways to identify hiring opportunities :
1. You can check on the fashion companies websites from time to time. They may post the opening online.
2. There are professional hiring websites, e.g. Linkedin, etc. You can define criteria and setup the alert. They will send you alert if there is any job posting that meets your criteria.
3. You can also contact the hiring agents of fashion industries. They will also match the openings against your qualification and experience to identify any opportunities for you.
4. If you know anyone in the fashion industry, they can also help to refer you to the opening that may suitable to you.
5. You can also send your cv to the human resources department of the fashion companies. They may contact you if there is any openings that suits you as well.
Hope this helps! Good Luck!