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I've also heard/seen that everyone wants to be working in the NICU so it's hard to get into.?

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2 answers

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Megan’s Answer

Not particularly, Lots of nurses wouldn’t step foot in the NICU including myself. It’s not all rainbows and cute tiny babies. You’ll see babies die and drug addict mothers that never visit once but you have to give the baby morphine shots to detox. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart. I would say after you obtain your BSN work med surg then Pedi then maybe Pedi Step down or ICU then OB/ postpartum couplet care, nursery to establish yourself as well rounded if you can make it through all that then take your shot at NICu
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Jane’s Answer

I have been a NICU nurse for 42 years. The ease of getting a job in a NICU have varied over the years. Yes, most nurses who are NICU nurses are NICU nurses for their entire career so finding a NICU job can sometimes be difficult. Some NICUs prefer to hire experienced NICU nurses as the orientation is somewhat long. Hospitals with smaller NICUs tend to prefer to hire experinced nurses. Many hospitals with big NICUs (children's hospitals, university hospitals) will hire new graduates as they have a big staff to supplement new nurses needing to be fully oriented to NICU care. Many NICU nurses start their careers orienting to the NICU world in a big NICU and transfer to a smaller hospital when looking for a change. Good luck with your education searches. I love being a NICU nurse!!