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Thomas’s Avatar
Thomas Feb 21 654 views

Is it possible to become an oncologist and a radiologist and can you be both at the same time?

Is it possible to become an oncologist and a radiologist and can you be both at the same time?

Crystal’s Avatar
Crystal Feb 22 426 views

what do i pick? So im signing up currently for my college classes ill be taking as a junior next year, if i want to be a doctor (obgyn) what program do i pick???

Im currently a sophomore signing up for my junior classes, i have 3 blanks im filling with college classes, there are 5-6 “nurse” programs to choose from but i dont know which one to select as i want to be a doctor. Im using the ccp program.

stella’s Avatar
stella Feb 22 362 views

how much does a nusre make a year

how much does a nusre make a year

Jared’s Avatar
Jared Feb 24 483 views

What medical field can I jump into?

Hello, I am a college student that has been attending college for nearly a decade without an associate's due to indecisiveness. With 5 years of pharm tech experience and wanting to stay in medical, any suggestions on what to pursue? Preferably within the medical field that's not nursing....

Kennedy’s Avatar
Kennedy Feb 25 240 views

What is the application process like for a nurse-practicioner?

I am interested in NP school, but I have no idea where to start. Other than the online application process, I wonder what else is involved.

Kennedy’s Avatar
Kennedy Feb 25 329 views

What classes or "pre-requisites" are required in order to apply to a nurse practioner program??

Other than the undergrad general education classes and the RN & BSN core courses...

Demitria’s Avatar
Demitria Oct 03, 2023 805 views

Is it possible to be a medical assistant while going to nursing school?

I am in the process of getting my MA but my main goal is to become a registered nurse so I was wondering if doing both at the same time would be too much on my plate.

sara’s Avatar
sara Oct 09, 2023 345 views

What is it like being a forensic nurse. How much money do you make in a month. Do you deal with a lot of blood.

I have an A+ in forensics and we are learning about blood splatter

Josie’s Avatar
Josie Oct 09, 2023 415 views

Is nursing school as hard as people say it is?

Is it going to make me super anxious and make me completely sleep deprived as people say?

Terence’s Avatar
Terence Oct 14, 2023 368 views

How many years of education do you need to be an doctor?

Do you need different types of school or another type of education to be an doctor?

De'Mya’s Avatar
De'Mya Sep 24, 2023 229 views

How would i do about this?

How long would i be in school if i did nursing school for 4 years and then went back to school to be a ultrasoundtech

Tristin’s Avatar
Tristin Oct 03, 2023 248 views

Is all the schooling that it takes to become a neurologist worth it?

My name is Tristin and I am a middle school student. I really take an interest in the healthcare field and especially neuroscience. I would like to become a neurologist one day. Is all the schooling that it takes to become a neurologist worth it? What is the best and worst part of being a...

Cristian’s Avatar
Cristian Oct 03, 2023 378 views

What college majors and minors should I take in college if I want to become a General Surgeon? What career path do I take to become one?

For example, say I study anatomy in college, would that benefit me? What other courses should I take? What career path would lead me to become a general surgeon? For example, becoming a nurse or a medical assistant before I do.

Landon’s Avatar
Landon Oct 04, 2023 453 views

How do i study to become a traveling nurse?

I am planning on going to a four year college but don’t know exactly what I should study to become a traveling nurse.

Dara’s Avatar
Dara Oct 04, 2023 467 views

Can I still get a job to be a nurse if I didn’t go to college?

crane middle school