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Elk River, Minnesota
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I want to go to a good college that is focused on my ideal career so that I can get the best education possible for my career path.



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Josie Nov 08, 2023 401 views

Do you feel like you made the correct career choice right away? or did you change careers?

Did you have to go back to college and persue something else?

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Josie Oct 13, 2023 276 views

Are people usually mean to you or hard on you in the medical field?

Do people take their frustrations and anger out on you? I'm asking because I'm a pretty sensitive person.

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Josie Oct 13, 2023 685 views

If I wanted, as a nurse midwife, would I be able to have sort of flexible hours?

Will I be able to have a life outside of work? Will I be able to still do my own thing, and have fun?

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Josie Oct 09, 2023 339 views

Do you regret going into the healthcare industry?

Is it not what you thought it was gonna be, is it boring?

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Josie Oct 09, 2023 492 views

Is nursing school as hard as people say it is?

Is it going to make me super anxious and make me completely sleep deprived as people say?

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Josie Oct 08, 2023 219 views

Is being in the health industry exhilarating?

Is there always action and always something to do in the health care industry? Is it entertaining and you're always up and moving?