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Is a MIS degree hard

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2 answers

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Andreas’s Answer

An MIS degree is challenging but I wouldn't consider it "hard"

It might be worth understanding what your end goal is. I personally took on an MIS degree and combined it with various business degrees to look to become a leader in tech.

I believe it important to combine an MIS degree with another degree even if it is a minor, to give you the breadth you might need since MIS is a fairly abstract degree (not as focused on detailed coding or programming like a computer science degree).

Source - Degree in MIS + Finance + International Business.

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Michael’s Answer

Nothing worth doing is easy.

If you have the talent, the MIS degree will be challenging, but you will enjoy it. If you don't have the talent, then it will be very very hard.

If you want an easy degree, your will find only low paying jobs with little to no upward mobility. You will wake up one day at 45 with no money in the bank and wonder what happened.