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What advice would you give for someone who wants to start their own business for interior design?

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3 answers

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Jared’s Answer

Hi Hailie. Great question. This question hits a little close to home as my parents just went through a re-build an Interior Design was the hardest and most frustrating part of the process. That being said, I think from what I saw my recommendation especially being new to focus on one aspect and slowly build out as your designs or work are more proven/accepted. At the end of the day interior design is like fashion. Most people do not understand what's "in" was once "out" and in the grand scheme of things people typically like broad generic designs as they are simple and inclusive. For example, modern (i.e. open concept) and farmhouse are the two biggest designs currently plowing through the building industry. So, being small I would say ask yourself which part of the process do you prefer most at this point? Do you want to help someone pick tiles and hard materials or do you want to help someone furnish a room or house/building? If the former, do you want to focus on bathrooms or bedrooms? I think starting small and working out would be the best approach.

Utilize all free platforms to grow your business. Sites such as Thumbtack which allow smaller players to get recognized. Hope this helps

Thank you so much! Hailie C.

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Ishita’s Answer

First thing, congratulations on starting this venture! These are just some general steps that could help you get started:

For any creative small business (I'm also a small business owner for a creative business outside of my full time job!) you want to make sure you have a business plan (there are some great templates online). Use a business plan to identify short and long term goals and strategies for your business, and remember this is an evolving document.

As you create this business plan, make sure you include your social media presence. Interior design is very visual, and having a portfolio on your website, social media, etc. will allow people to save and see your work and hopefully come to you as a customer (it's a great way to get exposure). If you don't have a lot of expirirence outside of your education, make sure you build a visual portfolio, look book, mood board. Having visuals will help not only you, but your future customers understand your vision.

But your first step should be identifying your business goals and your plan, and developing a personal portfolio. Once you have that, you can go into registering your businesses, and building the social media presence to to start pushing your business forward.

Thank you so much! Thank you for your time and responding! It means a lot! Hailie C.

Great answer! Steve Marks

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Lupita’s Answer

I think Ishita did a great job answering this question! One thing I would add is more focused on how you tell the story for your brand... Interior design is one of those things that is so personal to the client, and you should always be thinking about how you can serve them when you're communicating with them or posting on your social media/website/blog.