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Lupita Uribe

Sr. Internal Communications Manager
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San Francisco, California
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nora Jun 08, 2016 1046 views

A.A in Journalism, B.A in Comm?

Hello, I am currently completing my general education classes in city college and I was planning to take additional classes to complete the Communications program as well, however, I've always had an interest for writing. My ultimate career goal is to work in editing. I have done my research...

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Kaitlyn Sep 14, 2021 645 views

What is the best job for someone who is thinking about going to college for a business and communications major?

I've already had quite a bit of programs that I've been a part of that helps me with my public speaking and getting what I want to say out to the people I want to. I always thought about majoring in this subject because I thought it was nice to have people hear what I have to say. So what is...

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Hailie Sep 15, 2021 408 views

What advice would you give for someone who wants to start their own business for interior design?

#interior-design #business #entrepreneur

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Edgar Jan 22, 2018 663 views

Music as a career

I'm in 11th grade and ive relatively had success being a singer by posting covers on the site Youtube. I got up to 60,000+ views in each video without telling my friends about it, because i was doing popular songs so it was easy for people around the world to find me without promoting myself....