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what classes should I take in college for app/game development?

#app-development #programming #game-design

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2 answers

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Moushumi’s Answer

Hey! In order to become a good app developer or a game developer, you need to have good coding and designing skills. I would suggest that you need to take the following classes:
1. Data structures and algorithms
2. Database management
3. Graphics and Animation design
4. Operating System and computer networking

Choose a programming language depending on what interests you. For example, Java or Kotlin for Android App development, Swift or Objective C for iOS apps, C or C++ for game development. For web apps you can choose any programming language that you like. Hope this helps! Happy coding!
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David’s Answer

Disclaimer: I'm an indie dev on my free time. I've never worked on the industry.

Game development is a very broad field, so I'll give you the generalist classes.

In addition to programming/computer science classes, you should take:
- Linear Algebra
- Mechanics (Physics)
- Drawing/Painting/Visual Arts classes
- Graphics Design
- Art theory
- Computer Graphics
- Music Theory

You can try making a game or part of one by yourself, and learn the specific things you need for what you want to do in your game:

Get comfortable with a game engine:
- Unity 3D (Simpler, Better place to start for programmers)
- Unreal Engine (Feature-rich, Better place to start for non-programmers)

And with a 3D Modelling app:
- Blender
- 3DS Max
- Sculptura (iPad)

A 3D painting app:
- Z-Brush
- Substance painter

A drawing app/photo editor:
- Procreate (iPad)
- Photoshop
- Sketchbook

An audio editor:
- Audacity
- Garage Band

Of course, you don't have to do everything by yourself, so you can specialize on what you find interesting.