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what classes should I take in college for app/game development?

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3 answers

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Moushumi’s Answer

Hey! In order to become a good app developer or a game developer, you need to have good coding and designing skills. I would suggest that you need to take the following classes:
1. Data structures and algorithms
2. Database management
3. Graphics and Animation design
4. Operating System and computer networking

Choose a programming language depending on what interests you. For example, Java or Kotlin for Android App development, Swift or Objective C for iOS apps, C or C++ for game development. For web apps you can choose any programming language that you like. Hope this helps! Happy coding!
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Bradley’s Answer

To code games, you need to know the language C++. Some answers talk about learning lots of things. But if I needed someone to make game software fast, you'd have to know c++, there is no easy way, it takes time, it can be so boring and painful (depends). The language is made this way because of how the microprocessor has to be designed. Its easiest not to question why its done this way, just do the language, the Dietel and Dietel approach is great, you have the same fundamentals anywhere.

You have to go thru the simple ideas of instructions, making a program then compiling it, this is what checks for errors and puts it into the machine language for the processor to use. At the processor level? its primitive, you can compare numbers, do math on them, move them. C++ is a well developed language that really millions of experts have added to over decades, cant go wrong learning it.

each frame of a game uses these instructions to move objects around. Knowing C++ and running a game builder tool like 3DS or Maya? You can use pre-made software bundles, what they call CLASSES to do things, the game development app (Maya) gives you classes where you bring it into your code by making a virtual instance of it, give the instance a name, then start using it. Knowing classes takes time, but thats how to start really making gaming software.

You have to know simple stuff, data types, then operations like if, then, else? it may take 6 months of full time study to get proficient, then other things are art design to understand presentation of data to the user; and math to be able to turn equations into code; then the game design classes, shading, rendering and all the rest.

Clearly the center of it is C++, assuredly start there. hope this helps, best of luck. Luck being the intersection of preparation and opportunity.

Bradley recommends the following next steps:

Dietel and Dietel
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David’s Answer

Disclaimer: I'm an indie dev on my free time. I've never worked on the industry.

Game development is a very broad field, so I'll give you the generalist classes.

In addition to programming/computer science classes, you should take:
- Linear Algebra
- Mechanics (Physics)
- Drawing/Painting/Visual Arts classes
- Graphics Design
- Art theory
- Computer Graphics
- Music Theory

You can try making a game or part of one by yourself, and learn the specific things you need for what you want to do in your game:

Get comfortable with a game engine:
- Unity 3D (Simpler, Better place to start for programmers)
- Unreal Engine (Feature-rich, Better place to start for non-programmers)

And with a 3D Modelling app:
- Blender
- 3DS Max
- Sculptura (iPad)

A 3D painting app:
- Z-Brush
- Substance painter

A drawing app/photo editor:
- Procreate (iPad)
- Photoshop
- Sketchbook

An audio editor:
- Audacity
- Garage Band

Of course, you don't have to do everything by yourself, so you can specialize on what you find interesting.