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whats the best way to start video game development as an indie developer

I'm a student that has a big idea for a game but don't know where to start from #video-game-design #video-games #gaming

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1 answer

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Michael’s Answer

Hi Christopher, that's a great question. Indie development is wonderful place to start, if you have the skills? You need to be able to program, design art, edit, market and quite a bit. I would suggest starting by teaching yourself C# as that is a common programing language used for video game design and what the Xna framework (Xbox) uses. You can actually pull up Xna framework and whatever games you are working on can be played directly on an Xbox or PC to test it out! Next you need some art skill (Which I'm terrible at) but there are alternatives to this such 2D or text adventures for your first attempt which require much less in the art design area.

From there you're making video games and the rest is up to you!

Michael recommends the following next steps:

Learn C# and some art design
Become familiar with the Xna framework
Profit $$$
Thank you comment icon That's Great advice! "George"