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Do I need special clothes?

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2 answers

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Aidan’s Answer

Vet Assistant here. Related attire is completely dependent on company policy and protocol. Some places want everyone from the vets to the techs to the front desk in scrubs. I work at a place where the front if business casual and the back dresses pretty much however they want aside from ridiculous choices (i.e. no sandals obviously).

It's not very expensive to get a few cheap pairs of scrubs but check where you'd be working first since you might not even need them. I spent my first 3 years in the field wearing a collared tee and khakis by choice so it's not too unusual if they let you dress like a youth pastor.
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Ro’s Answer


Your tags are related to working in a Vet’s office. If you’re looking for any role within an established animal clinic/hospital, you will most likely be wearing scrubs. I suggest having an extra pair in your car/locker/bag because you might get dirty one day.

If you’re looking into special clothes for school, that depends on the school. At a Vocational school you will likely wear scrubs starting day 1, but they will be specific (they might require a certain color or brand). In a 4 year college, you might need to wear scrubs to specific classes, but you will be told about it before hand. You won’t need anything special for your first year or 2 because you’ll be taking mostly prerequisites.