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How can I get high income if I am a software engineer?

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4 answers

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Nicole’s Answer

Hi Chi Hang L. Thanks much for your question. In my view, one of the big benefits of going to college and getting a degree is to be able to land a job that helps for financial stability.

I share that "high income" depends on the person. In general terms, individuals who work at reputable firms and/or in government entities have the possibility of earning very high incomes. Typically increased incomes go along with increased experience. Typically increased experience go along with working on many different types of jobs/projects and working on them in such a way that produces strong results that are lasting.

Jobs having to do with computing, programming, software engineer..historically these types of jobs have high starting salaries compared to many other types of jobs so if an individual is coming out of college with these types of skill sets, they are starting at the higher end of the pay scale. When/if that individual stays on a continuous learning path, that can also help to increase their pay scale.

In short, having a title of or degree in software engineering can put an individual at a good starting point for high income. Continuing to increase that income, however, is based on multiple factors, many of which can be learned and improved with experience.

Best of luck to you!

Nicole is absolutely correct. If you work hard to get a software engineering degree and you work hard at your job you will do financially well. High income is relative. I recommend finding a job or career you love and balance that with the rest of your life. This field for the foreseeable future, will pay plenty of money. There are ways to make more money over time if that is what you really want. Get great at what you do and money will come. Mark Eagle

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Debajit’s Answer

Hi Chi Hang L.,
Adding to the above answers, every job has almost equal opportunity of high income. And for that, only one option - do your job properly with hard work. In particular, software engineer career requires life-long learning attitude; you have to constantly upgrade your knowledge & skills as per the market trends. For example, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Internet of Things, etc.
But again, being expert in any particular area also can bring the opportuity of earning high income.
Hope it helps.
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Thai’s Answer

Challenge yourself at work. Work on certifications. Constantly reading and learning new things to keep yourself abreast with latest technologies and ways of doing things. These are the basic things you need to do to help you marching forward for a higher salary.
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Doug’s Answer

To get an idea of salaries, take a look at one of the job boards like Once you land that first job, excel at what you do and gain experience. You're going to need to keep learning and keep growing your skillset. You also want to pay attention to where the industry is going and position yourself to work in areas that are trending and in high demand. As an added bonus, grow your people skills as well as your technical skills.