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What steps do I need to learn in order to become an advanced coder?

I've been wanting to code for a while now and now I get to learn some. I'm not sure if we will be learning about javascript here, but I want to learn more about computer techs because I want to be a youtuber when I grow up. I also want to be a web designer or a video game designer! technology game-design

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3 answers

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Bruce’s Answer

Hi Jlane - In a math class during my senior year of high school we were given a computer coding assignment. I was unhappy and confused and I needed help from others to understand what a computer program is and how to make it work.

Then in college at my sister's suggestion I took a programming class. For some reason, this time it clicked for me - it made sense, I enjoyed the assignments and solutions, and it was actually fun!

You saying that y want to learn to code puts you a step ahead of where my journey began.

A good next step is to take a class or find some instruction for beginner coding. It should start very slowly. A famous first program is to make the computer show the words, "Hello world" or something simple like that. Then then 2nd program you write should introduce one more trick, then the 3rd one yet another new item to know how to do.

Over time, you'll learn more and more and more about what a programming language can do and how you can make it work for you.

There are many different languages, but there are lots of similarities between them such as something like:
- Ways to print to the screen
- Ways to input and output files and their data (lines of information)
- other

As for your question about how to become an advanced coder, once you have lots of basics and familiarity with maybe more than one language, you might want to learn more in a particular area and become advanced with:
- Memory allocation
- Business applications
- Database interaction
- Web interfacing
- Certain industries: Manufacturing, non-profit, public sector (government, schools, etc), the arts, accounting

Hope that helps. Good luck to you!
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Omkar’s Answer

Hello, to get started with
1. you could start learning a programming language like c, cpp or python
2. once comfortable with any of the programming language, register yourself on a few competitive programming sites, like Hackerrank, Hackerearth, where you will get tons of problems to solve using your choice of language which will help you in improving programming as well as logical thinking.
3. you could also participate in competitive programming evens and hackathons, which will help you in understanding how good you are with programming and logic, and will also help you in improving the skills you lack.
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Nicole’s Answer

Hi Jlane D. Thanks so much for your awesome question!

I totally agree with the three items that Omkar has shared. And I think the overarching point order for you to become advanced, you have to practice. The more coding you do the better you will become. When you use your coding skills in various settings you broaden your ability to be creative on how to code to solve a wider range of problems, which you will likely encounter on your journey through hack-a-thons and your journey for building the best video game there is!:)

Best of luck to you!