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How do you program?

I like playing video games technology video-games programming game-design

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7 answers

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KB’s Answer

Hey there! You like video games? That's why I started programming too! There are many online resources for learning programming languages or studying popular concepts, but I think you will benefit most from following a programming course focused on making a video game. Unity is a free software for developing games, both 2D and 3D, that has loads of YouTube videos explaining everything from basics to in-depth features. Using it made me strong with the language C#, which is what you will use to code the game logic. Find a video that walks you through making games, for example, And if you get stuck, don't worry! The professionals Google it all the time!

I hope you fall in love with programming and decide to continue with it!

KB recommends the following next steps:

Download Unity
Follow along with a YouTube video about Unity
Google any questions
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Jorge’s Answer

You need to think critically in the next logical step to solve the problem or the project at hand. Then, you have to learn the syntax of a programming language in order to implement your solution.
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Cinthya’s Answer

There is skill you need to learn. There are a bunch of online resources like Code Academy and such.
I will say try to learn Java this is the base of almost all modern languages out there.
Afterwards. I will suggest learning Ruby or Python.
Moreover, try to participate in local hackathons and such. This will give you exposure.
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Kim’s Answer

Programming takes time to develop. It depends on the programming language, but you have to learn the basics first. Software coding can be challenging at times, but there are many facets to it. You have to learn to understand it, but it is not overnight.

Kim recommends the following next steps:

Check out books on Python and Java to start.
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Philip’s Answer

I enjoy video games as well. I actually developed my programming skills through video games, even though I don't do video game development. There's many ways you can learn programming through video games. If you are confident of your learning skills, you could jump right in and begin using a larger game engine such as Unity or Unreal, but if you want to start slow, there are options for that.

For me, I actually started learning programming skills through playing Minecraft. If you are not aware, the PC version of this game has many mods which can add many interesting things to the world of this video game. One mod that helped me learn was the mod Computer Craft. This mod adds programmable computers into the Minecraft world, as well as programmable robots that can perform many different tasks using a language called Lua. Lua is a very simple and straightforward language, and a really good language if you are looking to learn programming. There's some really neat things you can program these computers to do, and there's a really good community of people around this mod where you can ask questions.

After getting a taste of programming through that activity, you can take things a step further and begin writing your own mods for the game. This requires knowledge of the language Java, and it's where I first learned how to use this language. In the IT industry, Java is widely used, so having skill in this language goes a long way in making you look much more attractive to recruiters and hiring managers.

I dare say that without learning about programming through Minecraft, I likely would not have the job I have today. If you like video games and are looking to learn programming, I definitely would recommend Minecraft and Computer Craft, as it's a fun and easy way to get your feet wet.
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Saravanan’s Answer

Develop your Mathematics fundamentals. Learn computer languages, may be start with Python. There are lot of free videos in YouTube and in other websites. Check out

Good luck.
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Dennis’s Answer

Brendan keep getting familiar with Programming by taking classes and even to make Basic games using Unity engine which will give you tutorials.
What an exciting field - hope you continue to pursue it and Best of Luck to you!