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Jorge Porras

Software Engineer
Information Technology
Ciudad Juarez
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brendan S. Dec 12, 2019 357 views

How do you program?

I like playing video games technology video-games programming...


taylor D.’s Avatar
taylor D. Jan 24, 2020 229 views

what does professional software development experience mean?

i wanna work at valve but they need someone with 4+ years professional software development experience and i don't know what that mean i wanna be a Game Development Software Engineer video-games animation programming...


Michael T.’s Avatar
Michael T. Jan 26, 2020 257 views

What is the easiest way to learn new programming languages?

I am a freshman at Cal Poly Pomona majoring in Computer Information Systems. I would like to develop my technical skills but I am not quite sure where to start. Any advice would be helpful, thank you....


Grace K.’s Avatar
Grace K. Feb 02, 2020 394 views

How can I grow my networks?

I'm currently studying IT software development and will be looking for jobs soon. How can I grow my network and connections so I have a better chance at finding a job in the industry? job networking software-development...


Tsz Ho Y.’s Avatar
Tsz Ho Y. Feb 13, 2020 545 views

Should I learn Python or R or other programming language?

I'm a college student in Economics and Finance. Right now I am quite good at Excel VBA and I want to learn one more programming language to give me an advantage in finding jobs. It seems to me that Python and R have their own strengths and weaknesses but I'm not too sure about it. job-search...

python programming finance economics