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What are some of the importan things to become an electronic engeneering technician?

Hi Isaac, Could you clarify that you are interested in hardware circuit design or are you looking more broadly at digital design including the software aspects? By and large, both are going to require a strong background in math and science, but what you should be doing from there will depend on your focus area. I would also recommend looking into Maker Faire, Raspberry PI and other technologies that are great to get you started and have a lot of help and support communities around them. David Blomberg

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4 answers

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Beverlyn’s Answer

Hello Issac

With technology in today's world you can research answers to any topic that you don't understand. The most important thing about becoming an electronic engineer is first and foremost is to be prepared for the time it will take to become one. You must have good communication skills, and be willing to persevere with patience to studying in a bachelors program in engineering, and get experience working as a protégé position for a couple of years before becoming a license engineer. The time will be worth it as far as financial security with salaries starting out at $72,000 per annual. More importantly, you must have some aptitude of understanding advanced electrical systems, communications, navigation systems, and power generation equipment after graduating. This is important because you will become skilled in building designs and prototypes related to engineering in specialized working environments. In closing, I would recommend networking with other engineers for more information based on their experiences.

Source: Suxia, X. I. (2007). Electronic Circuit Simulation Designing Based on Computer Simulation Software Platform. Electronic Engineer, 12.

Beverlyn recommends the following next steps:

First hand experienced information based on lived experiences is the best answers you can get, and then decide if you really want to be an engineer.
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Arun Kumar’s Answer

HI Issac, if you are in highschool, it is a good idea to focus on Physics to learn Electricity, Magnetism, Semiconductor materials, Electromagnetic etc. As others have recommended, it is a good idea to build Maths skills as well.

After highschool, you should learn subjects like Microprocessors, Digital Circuits, Integrated Circuits, Semiconductor Characteristics, Analog Circuits, Firmware, Assembly Language. Also please learn about instrumentation to learn about measuring instruments like Oscilloscopes and other digital instruments.

I would also strongly support learning Industrial Electronics courses as well.

Hope this helps
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Jorge’s Answer

Since this is an engineering path, you need to assume that there will be lots of math, calculus, and physics involved. You will need to have a strong motivation to pursue a career in any engineering field.
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Thomas’s Answer

Doing well in mathematics and physics in school. It'll be better to get calculus started in high school since there will be a lot more math in college. If you enjoy mathematics and physics, then this will be good major for you.