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What are the requirements for becoming a teacher?

I've wanted to become a band teacher for a little bit. I play the trombone and I find band very fun. So I was wondering what are some requirements that I would need to have in order to become a band teacher. teacher music career music education

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2 answers

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Gloria’s Answer

Hi Lily,

I think that your question has a few layers. One, when you say band teacher, do you mean high school or college? Two, what do you already know from your own band teacher? I am not sure if band leaders know a little bit about a lot of instruments or specialize in one instrument. Three, where do you want to teach? What do they think is a requirement for being a band teacher from an education perspective? While I do not know the details, I think that schools that pride themselves on bands performing probably have a high education and experience bar before that band teacher is hired. As in many types of jobs (outside of areas like medicine and law), businesses and industries usually determine what they expect in terms of education. I have family that sent their children to a private religious school where most of the teachers had no college degrees or even college educations. Some high schools that I have been around require teachers who teach advanced Math or Science have to have advanced degrees in those subjects, rather than an Education college degree.

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nancy’s Answer

It depends on where you would want to teach, which will dictate the level of education required. But to be a music teacher, I believe experiences are more important than degree level. So if you'd like to succeed, look into opportunities to teach younger kids in your local area, or partake in local bands, honor bands, getting your name out there is the most important. Hope this helps!!