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Colton’s Avatar
Colton May 05, 2022 804 views

What is the most important coding language to learn?

There are so many different languages to code in like HTML, Java, C, etc. Which one is the best to learn depending on what you're trying to accomplish?

Anita’s Avatar
Anita May 06, 2022 721 views

Can you take prerequisite courses at a community college whilst in high school?

Just wondering if this would be possible- I understand it might vary on the school.

kellis’s Avatar
kellis May 06, 2022 433 views

which major dosen't involve math

which major dosen't involve math

richard’s Avatar
richard May 09, 2022 445 views

I am a new artiest and I was wondering how I could get started in the field of art?

i have been basic drawings of cartoons. But I want to expand my horizon and learn how to get better drawings and end results out side of just practice.

Kiere’s Avatar
Kiere May 10, 2022 465 views

Could you have more than one job in different fields?

This may be a silly question, but I wonder if you could take more than one job in different fields, such as being a translator and an artist. These examples are careers I'm interested in, though I do not know if they would overlap or make things difficult in my schedule.

lexy’s Avatar
lexy May 10, 2022 884 views

colleges for business/major?

What colleges are the best for majoring in business? Maybe marketing?

Shakira’s Avatar
Shakira May 18, 2022 773 views

What can I do to become a Model ?

Ever since COVID 19 hit, I had low confidence + motivation to achieve my dreams & when I wanted to start planning on what i wanted to do. I'm lost on when to start , like wanting to be a Graphic Illustrator Artist, Freelance Artist and Makeup Artist and I had so much on my mind it couldn't have...

Bethzy’s Avatar
Bethzy May 19, 2022 477 views

I'm in highschool, but I want to be prepared about my college decisions. But I want to major to be a veternarian. I know I have to take undergrad courses 4 years, and then go to veterinary school for four years. Can I go to a community college for those undergrad required courses and then transfer to vet school?

I will also be first gen to go to college.

Will’s Avatar
Will May 12, 2022 384 views

How can I start preparing for this job?

Hello I am studying to be a business intelligence analysis.

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Omarion May 17, 2022 530 views

What is the most important thing I am working toward?

In fashion, there are many things to pursue and reasons to work. When you're trying to improve your career, what is the most important thing you are working toward?

Evelyn’s Avatar
Evelyn May 24, 2016 862 views

Do colleges prefer students that don't have a 4.0 gpa, take vigorous courses and don't have a job or a student with a 4.0, volunteers monthly, and has a job and is also involved with sports?

A friend of mine is in this situation and wonders what she shall do her senior year to make her college application stand-out from the others. #college #college-admissions #college-applications

Alexis’s Avatar
Alexis Jun 06, 2019 727 views

I was thinking about skipping Band in High School and coming back to band when go to college. Would there be any way for me to find the same type of curricular band experience I would in high school but somewhere else?

#band #college

Nicole’s Avatar
Nicole Oct 11, 2019 825 views

should i quit band?

So i just joined band this august and i’m in color guard. now i absolutely love twirling my flag and being in the field and hearing that crowd in that huge football stadium we have at my school, but i hate everything else. i just got told i can’t perform at the game tomorrow or at competition...

Kevin’s Avatar
Kevin Jan 21, 2022 536 views

What are benefits when it comes to being in clubs?

is there any need to join clubs in college or even high school? #Students #college-advice #high-school

Chris’s Avatar
Chris May 17, 2022 425 views

What are the best classes to take to be a marine biologist?

What are the best classes to take to become a marine biologist?