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Pittsfield, Massachusetts
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I just want to do something I'm good at and can make money from, like illustration and writing. I also would be alright if I was able to work with animals.

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Kiere May 10, 2022 488 views

Could you have more than one job in different fields?

This may be a silly question, but I wonder if you could take more than one job in different fields, such as being a translator and an artist. These examples are careers I'm interested in, though I do not know if they would overlap or make things difficult in my schedule.

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Kiere May 10, 2022 614 views

Are there any careers where you can get good pay with, but without needing to go to college?

My main concern is if I need to go to college for any careers I want, which would be freelance illustration (aka taking commissions for a living) or working with animals, like pet-sitting or working/volunteering at shelter(s), and if these would pay well.