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Julisa C.’s Avatar
Julisa C. Jan 17, 2018 323 views

How should I know which medical career is the best for me?

As I get closer to going to college, I have decided that I'd like to work in the medical field. As a result, I have researched different specialties that are offered in order to become a doctor, but since there are so many, I do not know which one would be the best for me. As of right now, my...

#dermatology #hospital-and-health-care #medicine #dermatologist #healthcare #pediatrician

Bryant N.’s Avatar
Bryant N. May 25, 2016 480 views

What do you think is the biggest problem in medicine, and why?

I am asking becuase every family has been hit hard by a medical issue, whether it be heart, brain, or general. #medicine #healthcare #hospital-and-health-care...


Josabeth D.’s Avatar
Josabeth D. Dec 18, 2017 312 views

Where can one find any job/internship opportunities in the Santa Barbara area?

Latino Business Association actively tries to be consistent on finding job and/or possible internship opportunities for our students from all different majors and years. #business #uc-santa-barbara...


Julisa C.’s Avatar
Julisa C. Mar 20, 2018 304 views

What are volunteering opportunities that I can apply to if I am under 16 for the time being?

So right now, I am involved in three programs that I recieve good hours in, but I want to do more hours, as well as having a variety of experience in other fields. #volunteering #nonprofits...


Shoshannah B.’s Avatar
Shoshannah B. May 21, 2016 460 views

What is the best way to study for the MCAT's without spending so much money?

I am nervous for the amount of money that i will already be spending on books for college as well as possible classes taken in order to study for the MCAT's , I'm just curious of the more cost efficient advice that someone can give me in order to study for the MCAT's without spending so much of...

#healthcare #college #doctorate-degree #hospital #studying-tips #medicine #pre-med

Shoshannah B.’s Avatar
Shoshannah B. May 21, 2016 664 views

If i want to get my PHD, and I am graduating from High School this year, how and when should I begin to study for the MCAT's?

I want to be come a Psychiatrist, hopefully one that specializes in developmental psychiatry. I know that if I must become a psychiatrist i have to go into medical school which of course will take me many years until i get my PHD. I know i have a lot of work ahead of me, and i just want to be...

#doctorate-degree #social-science-phd #pre-med #social-psychology #psychology #psychiatry

Julisa C.’s Avatar
Julisa C. Jan 17, 2018 381 views

How do I get information on different programs and clubs outside of school?

Recently, I have learned about different programs that are offered to students in my community, that I have never heard of before, until now. With this realization, I'd like to know how to be able to get informed if there are other programs or clubs that I'd be able to participate in. Not only...

#clubs #student-activities #community #community-outreach #programs #communications #nonprofits

Luis P.’s Avatar
Luis P. Aug 29, 2018 263 views

How much experience must one have to land a computer science job?

Is it more beneficial to have a masters in computer science or to have 4+ years in working for a company to land a decent pay job in the computer science field? #career #jobs...


Ivy A.’s Avatar
Ivy A. Oct 19, 2016 650 views

What is your favorite thing about being a woman in the STEM field?

I attend an all girls school that is very STEM based and I was wondering what the advantages of not only this type of education, but of the career in STEM as a woman are. There is particularly controversy in math and science about the amount of women who occupy these jobs. I would like to know...

#in #stem #woman

claudia M.’s Avatar
claudia M. Apr 22, 2019 112 views

What is the difference between a Medical Assistant and a Nurse?

Basically what’s the difference as to what they do? I currently have a Medical Assistant Certificate and I’m now going to college for nursing, is there any difference? Which one is better ? #nursing #medicine...


claudia M.’s Avatar
claudia M. Mar 07, 2019 119 views

I’m having trouble choosing a career?

I’m a 20 year old female, and I graduated high school in 2017. After high school I had signed up for community college right next to where i went to high school. Days before starting college I dropped out because I found another college where I got a certificate in Medical Assistant within 9...

#college #tech #career

Briana B.’s Avatar
Briana B. Jan 20, 2018 279 views

What degrees are best for pre-vetrinary studies?

I understand that majors in animal science are helpful, but are degrees like biology, zoology, and wildlife biology acceptable? #pre-veterinary-medicine...


An N.’s Avatar
An N. Aug 31, 2017 324 views

What major is most versatile?

I'm still a bit uncertain on what I want to major in, at this point I don't know if I ever will. What major can be accommodating in different fields? #major #undecided #college #college-major...


Luis P.’s Avatar
Luis P. Aug 29, 2018 193 views

What skills do you recommend one has for a computer science job?

i understand one needs to know various programming languages and a lot of experience but is there a certain language that can get one a foot in the door or have a good chance at landing a job? #student #college #jobs...


Julisa C.’s Avatar
Julisa C. Mar 20, 2018 231 views

What are extracurricular activities I can be involved in as an alternative to a sport?

I am not an athletic person, or a big fan of sports, so I’d like to know what other activities I can be involved in as a sort of “alternative.” #sports #extracurricular...


Ivy A.’s Avatar
Ivy A. Oct 19, 2016 509 views

What do you find is the hardest part of any research in the STEM field?

I am very interested in researching marine science, but I have heard several different views of becoming a researcher. Some people say that it is slow and tedious, but others say that it is extremely gruesome and tiring. I would love some different perspectives on this! #researcher...


Medea W.’s Avatar
Medea W. Jan 23, 2018 200 views

How do I get a job as a psychologist in law enforcement?

Ever since I saw Dr. Sweets in Bones and the show Lie to Me I thought it would be a really cool job to be able to get to help out with criminal profiling and interrogations. Do I just need to get a psychology degree to get the job or do I need to double major in something else as well?...

#law-enforcement #psychology #administration-of-justice

Briana B.’s Avatar
Briana B. Jan 20, 2018 288 views

How do you find scholarships?

Some websites do offer "scholarship matches," but they skip some that you do qualify for, and it's difficult to sort through hundreds just to find one or two you qualify for....


Roselynn H.’s Avatar
Roselynn H. May 18, 2016 435 views

What is the best college preparation to do research on animal sentience?

I am planning to major in Psychology and wonder if this is the best major. #research #psychologist #animal...


Gabriela P.’s Avatar
Gabriela P. Sep 01, 2017 293 views

Any help with scholarships?

Hi, i am currently transferring to UC Irvine and want to know of any scholarships out there that can help me with tuition since it is so expensive at the moment. I really want to go into the pharmacy field and thats why im trying to get my BA in chemistry. It is really hard to keep working at a...

#pharmacy #financial-aid #pharmaceuticals #latinasinchemistry #chemistry #scholarships #womeninchemistry

Bryant N.’s Avatar
Bryant N. May 25, 2016 410 views

Have you withheld any beneficial care from your patients lately because of their wishes, against the wishes of their child?

I was thinking about the ethics of medicine which led me to this question. In this scenario, the patient has been in a horrible accident, the patient is 65, and is now on life support. This life support is the only thing keeping the patient alive. The patient's daughter who is 30 wants to...

#healthcare #hospital-and-health-care #medicine

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