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What college would be best for becoming a band teacher

I enjoy playing trombone and play for my schools symphonic band and marching band. I think I would have fun in this career. music education college teacher

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4 answers

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Alex’s Answer

In our part of the country the University of South Carolina is a great option. Florida State is another school somewhat nearby. If you want a smaller school, look at App State and Western Carolina. They have great music schools, and you would learn marching band techniques while marching and taking music ed classes. It's beneficial to see it from both sides. Which state do you want to live in afterwards? If you're wanting to stay in SC, I would highly recommend looking into USC, joining SCBDA when you get there, assist with their summer music camp and spring honor band festival, etc. USC would allow you to enjoy a fun college experience, connect/network with band directors around the state, and progress as a musician. Being in-state, it would also be far more affordable.

However, while playing and marching are fun, it is a whole different ball game being the one in charge. The lifestyle isn't for everyone. Like another answered, talk to your band director. Ask questions about their work life, pros/cons that affect their home life, etc. Ask for time to do an "informational interview". See if you could go and job shadow at Wando HS. It's nearby, has a great reputation, and is different from your own program. Their concert bands are top notch, produce tons of All-State members, and their marching band has won state a number of times. I don't know which school you attend, but using Wando as an example, keep in mind you won't start somewhere like that. Wando, Fort Mill, etc have experience band directors, programs with traditions, budgets, etc. In other words, they're already rolling. After college you will probably not have much of that, so also talk to your band director about WHY you want to and what you look to do as a band director. Maybe you'd be better suited for a elementary or middle school. Maybe you would be awesome at directing a high school. To teach college, you'd need a lot more than a Bachelor's degree.
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nancy’s Answer

I live in California so I am not the most oriented with Universities in South Carolina, however It's important to look for schools that have top music programs, especially better if they have instructors who have experiences in drum corps, whether it be participating in or teaching. It's also good to look for schools that have marching bands, as I assume most of them look for teaching assistants and you'll be able to get hands on practice that way. Hope this helps!
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Judeanne’s Answer


I hope you've already spoken to your Band instructor. They're your first source of information. Then I'd do some research on Youtube. Which marching bands impress you most? Research their instructors and then reach out to them. Ask them about their education, experience, and recommendations.

This is a specialized career so speaking to those who are working in the job you want will be your best resource. Don't be shy. They'll be happy to chat with you and share their insight.

Best of luck!
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T.’s Answer

Vanderbilt University. 4 Year. ...
Northwestern University. 4 Year. ...
Johns Hopkins University. 4 Year. ...
University of California - Los Angeles. 4 Year. ...
University of Michigan - Ann Arbor. 4 Year. ...
New York University. 4 Year. ...
University of Florida. 4 Year. ...
Boston University.