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Jupiter Jun 12 94 views

how does the classical music industry exactly work? #Spring23

How exactly would someone get a job as a classical musician? Is the industry competitive? What makes a classical composer special or big?

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lily Oct 08, 2021 518 views

What college would be best for becoming a band teacher

I enjoy playing trombone and play for my schools symphonic band and marching band. I think I would have fun in this career. #music #education #college #teacher

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Diamond Oct 31, 2018 783 views

What are the pros and cons of making it into the music industry?

#musicindustry #music #singing #singer #singer-songwriter

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Anna Aug 17, 2018 483 views

How do I find out about apprenticeships and other ways to get practical experience during college?

#music #orchestral-music #music-performance

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Brenna Aug 14, 2018 637 views

I have auditions for music schools in February, how do I best prepare with the volume of things to learn?

I have to prepare 4 pieces, scales (major, minor, chromatic), and an etude. #college #college-selection #music #music-performance #music-industry

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Cherie May 16, 2016 848 views

Is it pointless to go back to college?

I'll be 42 next week and have two young children. Returning to school would be a lot of work and expense, but my current career is unfulfilling and stagnant. My music degrees have proved useless, but I have always been interested in psychology. Is it too late for a career change? #psychology

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Jastyn Apr 17, 2018 623 views

How do I get a head start on my music career while still in school?

I'm going to be attending college in the fall to pursue my major in music technology, but I really don't want to wait until I've gotten my degree to make moves in the music industry. What steps/initiatives can I take to give myself a head start in my career while actively working on my degree?...

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Gillian Feb 09, 2018 510 views

What are some schools that famous musicians have graduated from?

I would like to know because I'm wondering if there are any schools that just seem to produce people in the #music-industry

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oliver Jan 10, 2018 478 views

what is some advice on earning a stable salary as a musician?

I know that I will be a musician when I grow up but I might end up homeless also due to having no money. #music #salary #pay #performing-arts

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Adriananna Jul 13, 2018 520 views

if i wanted to become a singe do i have to go to collage or can i just be a one hit wonder and get a job

#music # #music-industry #jobs

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Katelynn Jul 25, 2018 602 views

Music Education Time Management

Incoming Freshman with a Major in Music Education with concerns about time management. I have heard it is a stressful major and would like any supportive comments and advice to better prepare myself for Fall Semester.
#music #time-management #choral #freshman #teaching

jacob’s Avatar
jacob Sep 01, 2017 679 views

What is the most efficient way to manage money as a college student to avoid debt after graduation?

I want to be able to leave college with minimal debt, and would greatly appreciate advice on how to save now for the future. #kinesiology #music #passion #college #financial-planning

Carlos’s Avatar
Carlos Sep 01, 2017 488 views

How do I begin a christian music career?

I'm a catholic christian artist in Texas, and my dream is to work in ministry professionally playing music on tour. I already play at my church and have a christian band, but I'm stuck. I don't know where to go from here. What do you recommend? #music

Theresa’s Avatar
Theresa May 17, 2017 781 views

How to comopose/write music without going ti school

I want to learn more music however I dont have the money or grades to go to school for it. So What are some tips on self teaching music composers/writers? Like apps, computer programs,books or places to learn for free? #music #art

Matthew’s Avatar
Matthew May 26, 2017 15003 views

What kind of music job opportunities can a music minor get?

As a college student, I'll be leaving with a Massive amount of student loan debt. I was hoping that I would be able to use my minor in such a way to make a little bit of money to pay off the loans that I will receive in the future in due time. #music #music-performance #music-education...