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Cherie Z. May 16, 2016 569 views

What's the most uselful graduate degree in psychology?

I'm working on a degree in psychology, but don't necessarily want to be a clinical psychologist. I'm fascinated by cognitive, social, and political psychology. Are careers realistically available in these areas, and if so what degree would be necessary? #psychology #politics #consulting...

#cognition #cognitive-psychology #social-psychology #forensic-psychology

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Cherie Z. May 16, 2016 492 views

Is it pointless to go back to college?

I'll be 42 next week and have two young children. Returning to school would be a lot of work and expense, but my current career is unfulfilling and stagnant. My music degrees have proved useless, but I have always been interested in psychology. Is it too late for a career change?...