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Fort Mill, South Carolina

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Ashleigh’s Avatar
Ashleigh 2 days ago 330 views

Hey, I am currently going into my freshmen year at Unc Chapel Hill, I am very excited but still trying to decide what I should major in, I enjoy being organized in everything, and I love learning new things and leveling up in everything I do, I also love doing creative stuff such as dance, and theatre and love when I get that chance to mix both skills, any suggestions on majors?

suggestions for college major?

Angel’s Avatar
Angel Jun 05 388 views

Which degree and majors should I strive for when having neonatal nursing in mind?

I am currently a 16 year old sophomore student with a 3.4 gpa, will that help me into a college with a good nursing program or hold me back a bit?

Toni’s Avatar
Toni Jun 05 1100 views

How do you know which major is right when you love to be creative yet like leadership and working with others?

I'm a senior in high school about to graduate and attend Virginia Tech University in the fall but I'm thinking on potentially switching my major from graphic design to something else. I like being creative and problem-solving but I also like working with people, leadership, and strategy.

Kamiya’s Avatar
Kamiya May 28 309 views

How can I prepare myself for my future in medicine and in college?

As an African American woman aspiring to be a cardiothoracic surgeon, what are some struggles I should prepare myself for before going off to college and in the work field?

Ava’s Avatar
Ava May 22 231 views

How should i stay engaged and not give up during med school. What are some helpful tips for this? #Spring24?

I sometimes have bad study habits and often get waves of no motivation. How can i help with this?

Mariah’s Avatar
Mariah May 22 80 views

What kind of support and resources are available for high school students who want to become nursing students to help them succeed academically and in their clinical placements Can you tell me about the clinical rotation opportunities in your nursing program and what types of healthcare settings students get to experience? What are the admission requirements for the nursing program, and are there any specific high school courses or experiences you recommend to prepare for nursing school? ?

I am currently in highschool worried about my future

Mary Hope’s Avatar
Mary Hope May 22 292 views

What is the most effective way to gain experience and hours related to working with animals?

I am currently a highschool junior who wants to go into the medical field for a profession, specifically veterinary science. Right now i work at a dog daycare, boarding, and grooming place. My experience with animals here includes distrubituing, food and water, cleaning dog supplies, bathing...

Hailey’s Avatar
Hailey May 21 291 views

What is a good major for Pre-medical Studies?

I want to go to become a doctor and I know most are Biological Science majors but I saw that are more pre-med majors but I have never heard anyone with a different major.

Niah’s Avatar
Niah May 21 180 views

Travel Nurse Or ER nurse?

I want to be a nurse. There are so many paths I can take to go into this feild, so, I was thinking about travel nursing or working in the ER. Can someone in either of these feilds tell me how they feel about working in this enviroment? What do you enjoy and what are some things that you don't...

kennedy’s Avatar
kennedy May 21 249 views

What path do I need to take to fulfill my future career in Forensic Science?

What path do I need to take to fulfill my future career in forensic science? What Classes do you recommend I take in my high school years? what mindset should I have?

Madison’s Avatar
Madison May 21 239 views

What will you expect when being an intern for nursing?

I want to go into a healthcare and nursing career but I would like to know some things about being an intern before starting college.

Alexa’s Avatar
Alexa May 21 268 views

What helps keep motivation to do well in school?

As a high school student about to be a senior and trying to go to medical school I feel like I am losing motivation to continue studying outside of class. I no longer feel the sense of urgency to care about my grades, but I am trying. What helps other people keep their motivation to study and...

Amy’s Avatar
Amy May 21 263 views

What classes would I need to take to pursue a career as a veterinarian?

I'm in 9th grade and I'd like to get off to a good start, I liked my biology class and I took health science last semester which I enjoyed. I go job shadow a vet when my school has job shadowing days.

Genesis’s Avatar
Genesis May 21 226 views

Advice for which medical job to get?

There's a variety of jobs in the medical field. However, I can't find the best fit for me. I would like something with good pay and good experience in working that field. Specifically, i would want recommendation's.

Macey’s Avatar
Macey May 21 306 views

What is the best way to get a foot in the door if you wanted to be an aesthetics nurse?

I am in 12th grade attending Clemson University as a Nursing major! As of right now I am interested in aesthetics nursing but I am also open to other things.

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