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what do you do as a video game developer?

im 14 i like to play roblox gaming computer-games video-games game-design

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2 answers

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Jordan’s Answer


A video game developer could do many different things:

*Work on a computer
*Write game storylines
*Write computer code
*Design graphics
*Fix problems
*Create something you are proud of
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Twen Samuel’s Answer

There are many roles in game development. It all depends on what area you're interested in. Here are some examples.
• Programmers or software engineers that write code for the game.

• Game Designers that write story and come up with fun gameplay features.

• There are different types of artist that create all the art for the game
o Character Modelers who create all the characters and creature.
o Environment artist that create all the different environment and landscape.
o Animators who makes all the character move thru hand animation or motion capture.
o Lighters who lights all the scenes and environment to create different moods.
o UI artist that create user interface graphics

• Audio Engineers who create all the music.