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What degree is most helpful to become a lawyer?

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I would like to have a professional comment, please. #lawyer

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Genevieve’s Answer


There isn't really one specific major that is most helpful to becoming a lawyer. In fact, law schools don't require a specific major. This is a good thing because it allows you the opportunity to major in what you're actually interested in versus what is "required." There are some majors that are common among people who go to law school. These majors include political science, philosophy & english. Although these are popular majors among law students, this does not mean law schools "prefer" these majors. In fact, law schools like to admit a class of students with different majors and experiences. Some colleges also offer a pre-law minor as well as mock trial or debate programs.

Since every field has an area of law that relates or applies, you can likely find a major that is associated with that industry. However, there are some areas of law that might not directly relate to any major. For example, employment law, family law or insurance defense don't really relate to any specific type of college major.

Ivy’s Answer


Getting as broad a background as possible is best.  My advisor in college recommended that I major in American Studies because it would allow me to get credits toward my major in a broad cross-section of disciplines.  I did that and I'm very happy I did.

Camille’s Answer


There is no "best" degree to become a lawyer, you can go to law school with any major. I studied accounting in college and now I'm a tax lawyer.

Agree to participate in mock trial in college and take writing courses. But take a major that interests you, and one where you can use it to find a job after college if you don't want to go straight to law school or if you decide not to go to law school. A lot of people in law school had political science majors or english or prelaw and didn't know what else to do after. So i stuck out compared to all of them.

Do you like computers? Study computer science. You can take a career aptitude test https://www.whatcareerisrightforme.com/

Also agree that you should try to get an internship or job at a law firm or a court or legal department so you can see how law works and also gain valuable experience for your resume.

Avianne’s Answer


Programs like political science, philosophy, sociology and other social sciences would be helpful for a law school applicant. Making sure you also have work/intern/volunteer experience in a law office or related venue would also make your application more compelling!