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i want to start my own business. What are the pathways i can take too own my own electrician company?

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3 answers

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Nathan’s Answer

Hi Zion,

In my opinion, the best thing to do before starting a business is actually doing the work to determine if you're passionate/enjoy the work. Once you have been an electrician, you know the joys/demands/expectations of an electrician. Look into being an apprentice for an electrician or if there are any internships. This will give you a "taste" of being an electrician. If you like what you are doing, think of questions like "do I want to continue living/working in this area or moving to a different location?", "do I like my boss? and why or why not?", "have I met the owner of my company? Was I able to pick his brain on owning an electrician business?" Without getting too detailed, I think you've got a start. I hope my answer was helpful!
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Karen’s Answer

Look for an apprenticeship program such as with NECA. You will make money as they train you in the field to become an electrician. Get the education and experience. Then, you may want to consider an associates degree in Business to give you the knowledge of how to run a business. (Associates or. Bachelor's Degree)

I really appreciate your answer. Shedrack Osadebe

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Shedrack’s Answer

Hi Zion, I would advise you go for an internship or formal training programme in a university so you can get the require skills necessary to become a professional electrician.

Then learn and study how to build a business system which would enable easy in scaling your career and business simultaneously.

You can skip the first part of you don't want to do the tactical work, but it is important you know your craft.