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Christine May 23 277 views

What minors should I consider with a Computer Science Major?

I am majoring in Computer Science. I just finished my 1st year a few weeks ago and I will be assigned a major adviser soon. I was considering getting a minor in Chinese, but I wonder how much that will benefit me. Are there other minors I should considering taking instead of a language that...

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Marcelo Mar 22 782 views

What did you minor in when studying for your accounting degree?

16 year old student looking for advice to become an accountant.

Isaac’s Avatar
Isaac Mar 19 731 views

How useful is a Business major with a focus in Finance once you are done with college?

I am thinking of majoring in Business at San Jose State University but I haven't thought about how easy it is to acquire a job after college.

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Scar Mar 20 380 views

How can one become succesful?

best career hacks

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Paul Aug 11, 2023 588 views

Easy ways to make money?

What are easy ways to make money as a teenager?

Destiny’s Avatar
Destiny Dec 18, 2023 1502 views

What should I do if I'm scared of debt in college?

What should I do if I'm afraid of putting myself in debt for college, and am considering not pursuing my dream career because of it?

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Anam Mar 15 756 views

What is time management ?

How to save time?

Mia’s Avatar
Mia Apr 03, 2023 593 views

What are some ways I can make money in college?

Any useful side hustle tips or part time job tips? (just to get me started financially)

Israel’s Avatar
Israel Apr 17, 2023 433 views

What should i invest my money on?

What are some beneficial things that I should invest my money on?

Israel’s Avatar
Israel Mar 20, 2023 358 views

How can you invest?

How can a teenager like me get my first thousand dollars and invest them for more money and how many ways is there to invest your money? What's the easiest way ?

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Damon Jan 19, 2018 806 views

What would be a good job to get with my credentials?

I am certified in Microsoft Office Specialist Powerpoint, Word, Excel, and Outlook.
I am having trouble finding jobs that are looking for my certifications to work for them so I can work on paying for college.
#business #microsoft-office #scholarships

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jesus Dec 09, 2019 648 views

How much money are you making in Welding?

#money #business #financial-planning #money-management

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Antonio May 28, 2021 882 views

How do your earn extra money while in college

#money-management #money #business

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Josh Nov 01, 2022 505 views

Making Money?

What jobs can I get involved with sports, management, or math that will make good money?

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Irene Nov 09, 2021 429 views

I want to work in Investment bank in the future. Must I get a Master Degree? And is Ivey business business school competitive?

#finance #entrepreneur