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What are some tips for being a college student and a single mother?

I am a 20 year old college student and a month ago I was blessed with a beautiful daughter during my second semester. My first semester I was doing really well, I even made it on the Dean's List and would like to continue getting A's & B's. Online classes are already a challenge, but being able to see my baby 24/7 is my number one motivation. Recently, I have been struggling to find time to study, sleep, and even eat but somehow I am still alive. If anybody has been or is now going through the same thing please give me some advice and let me know how you made it.
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Will I have never gone through this try to put off college that is an option or find another way to power through it? Katherine S.

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2 answers

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John’s Answer

My daughter just finished her LPN. My tip is to build a network of helpers. From family members, neighbors and friends. Make sure they know your going to school and you don't over use one helper more than another. A single mother has enough stress and pressure on her but with a support good support network you can achieve your goals and keep a good relationship with your child. One other piece of advice. Say "Thank You!" to your helpers. They really do want to see you achieve your goals.

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Avianne’s Answer

I haven't been in this situation personally, but have counseled several students in this position. It sounds like you may have your priorities in order, which would mean that online courses would the best option in a trying situation. Good for you for making it work for you! Anyone with more than one main priority (priority meaning family, job, school, health issues, etc.) will experience adversity getting through college, but it is not impossible. I'd encourage you to go slow and steady, taking 2-3 classes at a time and making time to watch your little one grow. Using a support system (family/friends/community) always helps to lighten the load too! I commend you for pursuing your education; trust me, you are not the only one making it work!