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What is the pay rate for child development??

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I love kids and want to make sure my pay roll is good enough #work #must #they

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With a degree in child development, you are prepared to work in a variety of fields. However, the salary amount depends on several factors with education level obtained and certification being chief among them.

Child Development Salaries by Job:

The factor that plays the largest role in how much you’ll earn with a child development degree is the position you’ll take after you graduate. Here are a few of the most popular job options, along with the salaries you can expect according to reports by PayScale.com:

Elementary School Teacher: $47,917
Director, Child Care: $49,782
Preschool Teacher: $23,760
Director, Preschool: $33,600
Program Coordinator, Non-Profit Organization: $44,219
Program Manager, Non-Profit Organization: $49,949
Operations Manager: $26,611

Certifications and Salaries
Earning certain certifications might be necessary, depending on the type of job you want when you graduate. Even if not required by your employer, though, earning these certifications may help bolster your resume and position in salary negotiations. Here’s a run-down of the median salaries for several related certifications:

Elementary Teacher Certification (Grades 1-5): $46,008
General Teacher Certification: $44,000
Bilingual Education Certification: $55,605
Master Reading Teacher (MRT) Certificate: $41,360
Child Development Associate (CDA) Certification: $34,450

Other Factors that Affect Salary
Here are a few other factors that affect how much you can earn:

Location: You’ll typically earn more living and working in large cities or areas where teachers and other child development workers are in high demand.

Years Experience: As you become more experienced, you’ll earn more. Someone new to the field will earn an average salary of about $37,000 annually, while someone with 10 – 20 years of experience can expect to earn closer to $55,000 annually (with a bachelor’s degree).

Type of Degree: A bachelor’s degree is all you need to get started in this field, and actually, so jobs only require an associate’s degree. However, you’ll earn more in the child development field if you earn advanced degrees, so consider getting a master’s degree or even doctorate.

Type of Employer: You’ll earn more working for some employers than others. For example, your salary will be higher if you work for a private school instead of a public school.