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What do chefs wear to work?

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3 answers

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Emily’s Answer

It really depends on where you work- but most places are pretty much the same.

Some kitchens have a more traditional "chef" attire-
- "Chef Whites" or jacket- this is usually a jacket which has a double layered cotton panel that folds over and buttons down along the front, long sleeves, and is made of heat-resistant fabric.
-"Checks"- a pair of plaid or checkered pants which cover the tops of the shoes but don't drag on the ground.
-Kitchen Clogs/Safety Shoes- these are so important! They are non-cloth shoes with a non-slip rubber bottom. Cloth shoes like sneakers can absorb hot water or oil. Leather/rubber work clogs protect your feet from falling sharp objects, hot spills, and keep you from slipping in the kitchen.
- "toques": Not many restaurants still have chefs wear these hats because they are always getting in the way. However, some places still use them.
- An apron

Most Kitchens are less formal!
The fundamentals are kitchen/safety shoes, apron, and hat. Many kitchens have baseball hats or other small cloth/net hats, allow you to wear jeans or other pants that cover the entire leg and ankle, and some places even allow you to wear t-shirts. Some restaurants provide chef jackets, and others will have a laundry service which cleans and provides light-weight chef-shirts.

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Kevin’s Answer

Hey Travis!
Over half the food that americans eat is cooked outside of their homes. Think about it. Do you know anyone that only eats what they cook? Being a cook in a kitchen is a very important job and the Chef is the boss of the kitchen. The Chef has to know how to cook everything on the menu and has to be a cool enough manager to inspire the kitchen team to work together. Chefs wear heavy cotton uniforms called "Whites". They protect agains burns and can make a hot kitchen feel even hotter. Those hats they wear are called "toques" (tooks).

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Junnie’s Answer

The professional wear or chefs whites, black pants, non slip shoes, aprons, "Torque", hats, caps, or sometimes hair nets, all serve a purpose: prevent you from some injury, as well as sanitation purpose.