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Is the NCLEX examination for nurses the equivalent to the MCAT for doctors/physicians, and LSAT for lawyers?

In terms of difficulty and length?
How much does it cost to write the NCLEX exam? #registered-nurses #nurse-practitioner #nurses #exam #nclex

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2 answers

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Lisa’s Answer

No, the NCLEX exam is not the same as the M-CAT or L-SAT. The NCLEX is the exam all nursing students take after graduation, to obtain a license to practice. the L-SAT and M-CAT, are entrance exams that future doctors and lawyers take to get into medical or law school.
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Jonah’s Answer


The NCLEX is a license exam. The MCAT and LSAT are entrance exams. You can't take the NCLEX until the end of nursing school. You take the BAR for law school and USMLE for physicians.