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how long generally would it take to make over $100,000 annually from Underwater welding

I am a kid that is very interested in the art of underwater welding and would like to know how long it would take to make over 100 thousand a year. Especially because commercial divers only make about $36,200 per year to start. art welding scuba

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Jessica’s Answer

Im not the expert here, but have a good friend that dives commercially and i can tell you that hitting an ideal number is completely dependent on the company you work for and how much experience you have. He’s expressed to me that he had to truly put in the time to move the corporate ladder of the diving world before really feeling comfortable financially (10+ years) It’s also a fairly lonely business as many times you’re traveling to remote parts of the world where tourists dont often go. On the one hand its an amazing adventure underwater and above, but maybe not something to get into with a family - or just a real consideration you’d want to make. The best news is that he’s now in a supervisory role and will most likely retire before he’s 50…so the money’s there if you work hard for it.