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which degree allows for more potential careers in travel internationally: a bachelor's degree in therapeutic recreation or recreation and leisure studies?

I really enjoy being of service to others and I am already currently pursuing an associate's degree in psychology and after doing many career quizzes I've come to conclude that recreational therapy would be a career that I would enjoy. My main interest is helping people but also not being bored with what I do/not having average days, as well as doing things I enjoy, like traveling and getting to teach people things psychically that will help their well-being. My goal is to work for a meaningful company that's multifaceted and that I feel fulfilled working for/with. college career-choice career-counseling college-major recreationaltherapy

Theuperatic recreation Chinonso E.

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2 answers

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Maggie’s Answer

With any major, you can find careers available that will allow for you to travel. I think what you need to decide is what you actually want to do. You mentioned you want to travel and teach. Have you thought about getting your teaching degree and signing up with an organization where you can teach children in other countries? There are many schools looking for English speaking teachers all over the world. Right now you have painted a broad picture but I think you need to do a bit more to figure out the details. Do you want to do something physical like tour guiding or do you want to just travel but have a more 9-5 schedule? I think as you start narrowing down what you want your life to look like, career options will start to become clearer.
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Jamaal’s Answer

Sounds like you are perfectly suited for physical therapy. This allows you to travel abroad and practice kinesiology, it is universal for the most part.