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Does the best work skill connect to finance and logic?

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2 answers

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Bob’s Answer

A key skill for any aspiring and ambitious person in business is knowing your numbers, knowing the finance around your numbers, and knowing the logic as to how the numbers are derived and how they can be leveraged.

Generally speaking you are in business to make a reasonable rate of return - whether public or private - this after paying expenses, and investing capital in the business. If you are a non-profit then its still about having the ability to paying expenses, and investing capital in the business. Financial management skills and logic skills are critical.

Hope this helps.

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Desiree’s Answer

Hi Elijah. I'm not sure how to answer your question, so I'm going to take a stab at it, but you might considering rephrasing it to get more responses.

Firstly, you mention the "best" work. That term is very subjective, and I'd argue personal. What is best for your may not be best for someone else. How "best" is defined can vary greatly, too - is it work with the highest salary, the best job satisfaction, the most (or least) opportunities for travel, that allows remote work, that affords a solid work/life balance, that is low stress, that challenges you every day, that is routine and predictable or that is exciting and dynamic, that others think is prestigious, that makes you feel you've impacted someone's life for the better, that allows you to work with sports stars, etc? I suggest you consider specific factors to focus on - that would also help align answers to what you consider to be "best" and to get answers that will be most helpful to you.

Finance and logic are terrific skills to have - especially for fields like FinTech, banking, wealth management, cryptocurrencies, any sort of stock market work, etc. But they are not the only path forward to good ("best"?) jobs -- for instance, science and soft skills are important in fields like medicine. Perhaps consider what fields/skills are of interest to you and the Career Village participants can better help answer you.