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how to start a career in singing ?

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3 answers

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Lisa’s Answer

Although my feedback is not specifically for singing or music, I think it would apply to many career choices.

1. Focus on your talent - in this case singing - how can you work and improve on this (singing lessons/singing coach) - discover what kind of music suits your voice and what you enjoy
2. Get involved - use your skills as much as possible - perform and sing as much as possible - research what singing groups are available in your location and think about joining local group - this will help you build on your experience and building visibility; audition as much as you can
3. Expand your knowledge - for example learn to read sheet music - to be considered a professional, there is an expectation you can read music; think about learning an instrument - this will also support reading music, but it also means you have multiple talents
4. Creating a brand - so much in music is done online - how can you use social networking platforms/creating a website to share your music and talent. Singing is also more than just singing - its about stage presence, connecting with the audience

Hope this helps you start thinking about some things you can start looking into

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Nir’s Answer

Lisa covered all the main points but here is one more: Always make sure to keep your body in good condition because that is your instrument. Other musicians can risk getting a cold or a have sore throat but singers don't get that luxury. If you have a gig coming up don't go to a loud club, if it's cold out make sure you are wearing a good coat. Furthermore it's important to not over-stress your vocal cords or you can do permanent damage. If you feel like you are pushing it then maybe think twice about taking on the next gig or singing in the car.
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Digant’s Answer

Hello Avanya,

Given your location, I would suggest you start with joining a class in Classical Singing, be it 'Indian' or 'Karnataki'. The classes would not only help you on how to train your voice but also would provide you with a platform to represent yourself and have a start from.

Hope this helps.