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how do I get into web design

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Carmen’s Answer


The great thing about web design is that you can start today! If you have a computer and internet access, you can get started. You can watch youtube.com tutorials and get familiar with the programs used. You will have to research many types of software and websites that can help you. Web design is part art and coding. Eventually, you can build websites for yourself, your friends or a cause you care about. Many people start by building a website for clubs at school or their church. You need to build a portfolio (a few websites) to show a college or at a job interview.

The man in the link below started learning at 14 and was able to turn it into a business after one summer! The video walks you through how to start and at the end lists website where you can learn for free. How to Become a Web Designer in 2015 | Design Careers Roberto Blake https://youtu.be/qSQQc6R35kw

Eric’s Answer


I'm glad you're interested!

As Carmen mentioned, you can try it out a little now, and then if you find you do like it you'll be able to take any computer science courses your high school offers, and from there go to a college to major in Computer Science. You've been given some links already, but I also recommend codeacademy.com, which will take you from simple HTML (which is used to actually put web pages together) to more advanced programming.

Good luck!

Cuong’s Answer


Just as the other two comments, you can start learning web design with any computer (it doesn't have to be a strong processor pc) and with internet access.

The beauty of web design is you can do the work anywhere with internet access, it's one of the flexible job.

Best way to learn without spending money is learning through websites that teaches you code and tutorials on youtube or Lynda.

There are a couple of websites where you can learn code. In my personal experience, these three are best for me. And still use them to see any updates.