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What kind of classes should I sign up for if I would like to become a singer v

I'm wondering what kind of classes would help me with singing or would help me learn more about singing . #college #singer #singing #middle-school #elementary-school

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It looks like, from your question, that you are in Elementary or Middle School. If there is a music teacher in your school, ask them! If there is a choir in your school, join it. To study singing you will want to take private voice lessons, voice classes, music theory (how to read music and understand composition) and vocal performance classes. Your best resource is the teachers/directors at your school. Don't be afraid to ask, and if people are discouraging just let if roll off of you. If this is what you're interested in, you will find a way. Good Luck!
Last updated Dec 03 '17 at 04:27 PM

Music theory classes for sure since they will give you insight as to how scales work, etc. Choir classes would help as well. Any classes that deal with music whether it be instrumental or vocal. Best of luck!

Last updated Jun 19 '17 at 02:04 PM
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