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Is summer school considered bad when applying for universities?

Asked Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I want to do grade 11 and 12 english in summer school because most of the courses I am taking are a lot of work. English at my school has a lot of essays and homework, so taking it in summer school will lessen the workload, especially since I am taking 3 sciences and 2 maths in one school year. I am not sure if i should though since I read somewhere that universities do not want you taking summer school classes.. #courses #highschool #summerschool

2 answers

Terri L.’s Answer

Updated Laurel, Maryland

It seems like you are taking a robust work load. You classes appear to be quality. I would think that your success rate would be the leading factor here. Are you making good grades in your classes? What is your GPA? In the end that is what will be judged along with the quality of the courses taken, and if you are taking full advantage of your schools course offerings.

Steven’s Answer

Updated Herndon, Virginia

Summer school for English may be a problem when you are applying to Colleges. English tends to be a core class and most colleges will need at least 3 years taken before application. Taking over the summer may not be enough. I'd speak to your Counselor at school and see what the requirements are at the colleges you are interested in.