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Are there any course I should take in high school to become a nurse?

I am a junior in high school and would like to be a pediatric oncology nurse. Are there any courses I could take in high school to help me become a nurse. #nurse #high-school #courses

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5 answers

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Holly’s Answer

Hello Mickayla, Thank you for your query,
I would make sure you take Physics. A lot of colleges want to see that students have taken it. I am interested in a couple that require it. Could you take AP Biology, AP Chemistry, and Honors Physics instead of AP Physics your last two years? Maybe language classes, for sure any pre med electives. You can find summer camps for volunteering at a facility like a hospital for summer. I would for sure do somthing along those lines in additon to any electives that your High School offers like biology, chem stats, any math that you may need for sure. These are always good prep classes. I would not worry too much about your High School A/P your going to graduate anyway. I would keep your G.P.A. well up if you can. Great question.

Thank you for the information Andrea H.

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I would recommend Spanish (as many of your patients will be Spanish speaking), and also Latin. I took Latin, since many of the medical terminology that exists in based on latin words, so it helps you understand what things are just by the name. Organic Chem and Biology are also good ones to take for a good basis of information to begin your studies. Stephani Hunt

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Veena’s Answer

Best of the Village

In terms of educational background, pediatric nurse requirements include either an associate's or a bachelor's degree in nursing. An associate's degree (ADN) typically takes two years to complete, while a bachelor's degree (BSN) takes four years. ADN programs are offered by community colleges. Nurses can expect good job prospects regardless of their degree, but a bachelor's degree offers the best opportunities for advancement and pay. Several universities offer online associate's degrees as well as specialty degrees such as RN to BSN, which lets RNs with associate's degrees obtain their bachelor's degrees online. If you are a recent high school graduate with relatively few classes in the sciences, you might want to take some additional classes to help prepare you for your degree program. A college-level admissions exam, such as the SAT or ACT, is required for four-year degree programs, but not for associate's degrees. A master's degree is required for pediatric nurses who would like to become pediatric nurse practitioners, which will allow them to work independently of physicians and give them the authority to write prescriptions. Advanced training in pediatrics is also a requirement. Coursework often includes classes in nursing, anatomy, psychology, physiology, chemistry and other sciences. All nursing programs include supervised clinical work experience, traditionally in a hospital - See more at: http://www.citytowninfo.com/education-articles/career-requirements/pediatric-nurse-education-requirements#sthash.WzSl05TF.dpuf

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Estelle’s Answer

The classes I think are most important would be chemistry, biology, anatomy & physiology, psychology, algebra, and statistics. If your high school allows you to shadow a nurse as any part of the course, I would recommend that.

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Ramya’s Answer

The basic requirement is that you have a degree in bachelor of sceince.There are certifications available post that for oncology.

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audryanna’s Answer

I took these for the same major so you should take AP math classes ,science ,biology ,physiology, and physics

audryanna recommends the following next steps:

take practice MCAT and visit a nearby children's cancer hospital to be certain you want to do this