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hey, I want to get my economical freedom also got experienced in my hobbies

I've always been into space and Journaling but you know, it's hard to find a way to improve myself on my interests about these kind of topics. I think I should get some experience and have my own economical freedom. Can you guys help me about finding a way to feel satisfied(?), thank you! career help internship

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2 answers

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Rebecca’s Answer

Hi, are you interested to be an astronaut and/or space engineering and journalism? These 2 subjects may be quite different.
Firstly, on space science, I am not sure any relevant opportunities in Turkey. You can try to do explore any intern or learning opportunities with NASA, Space X, Blue Origin, etc. As far as I know, these companies are in US. NASA has run summer programs for students. But, these are paid programs.
For Journalism, you can also explore any intern or part post in local media. It is an good opportunity for you to earn some income and practice in this subject. On the other hand, if you have any media you are interested on, you can start to practice writing articles yourself and send it to local to the media.
Hope this helps! Good Luck!
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Deanna’s Answer

Hello Iremnur - It is great that you have identified some interests (space and journaling). These two areas have some interesting avenues to pursue for careers. Depending on what you enjoy about space, there is everything from engineering, to astronomy, to space technology, to space research. These might be areas that you could consider and investigate to see if they interest you further. There are never issues with pursuing economical freedom, but combining an interest or something that motivates you with your desire to earn money will help ensure that you feel satisfied. Best of luck on your journey.