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Kavion Aug 26, 2022 354 views

what is a average day in marketing management

what is a average day in marketing management

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Iremnur Jan 01, 2022 343 views

hey, I want to get my economical freedom also got experienced in my hobbies

I've always been into space and Journaling but you know, it's hard to find a way to improve myself on my interests about these kind of topics. I think I should get some experience and have my own economical freedom. Can you guys help me about finding a way to feel satisfied(?), thank you!...

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skye Jan 01, 2022 239 views

how long do you have to study to become a doctor


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Xoliswa Jan 01, 2022 342 views

Hii I'm going to do grade 12 this year ,I still don't know what career I want to do ,I'm doing history .please help me

I'm 16 year old girl ..I'm that kind of person that doesn't like to talk too much ,but I can have little chat with people

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Gabrielle Oct 25, 2021 492 views

Are there any internship opportunities available for people who want to be a Public Relations Specialist?

#internship #public-relations #teaching

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Maddy Oct 19, 2021 816 views

What are the drawbacks of being a Marketing major?

I was wondering what the cons for marketing majors are and if there are any factors that make it not worth it or if I should look at other majors. #marketing #college-major

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Paajcha Julie Dec 16, 2021 1475 views

What is being a remote worker like?

For those you of doing remote work, what is is like overall? 1. What kind of work do you do? (contractor, employee, etc.) 2. In regards to work hours, is it more flexible compared to working on site? 3. How are you compensated? (salary, commission, etc.) 4. What is the earning potential of...

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Kimberly Dec 25, 2021 2159 views

What kind of internships should I seek out as a Business-Economics Major?

Hello, I am currently a business-economics major at the University of California-Los Angeles, and I am looking for internships for the upcoming summer. Also looking to minor in accounting. As of now, I'm a bit unsure of what internships I should be looking for as I want to get internships...

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Benjamin Nov 08, 2021 372 views

How Do I Find Brand Sources?

My name is Benjamin and I am currently a Junior in high school. After I graduate high school I plan to become a businessman. So my question is how do sources materials at a great price to sell higher.
#business #entrepreneur #marketing

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shana Aug 09, 2021 563 views

Do 4 Dual Enrollment courses senior year of high school look bad?

Since my school was only offering AP classes in person, and due to covid I could not risk going, I decided to opt out and instead take 4 dual enrollment classes (since all DE classes are completely online.) Would this look bad on my college application / not look academically "rigorous"?...

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Tanjina Aug 05, 2021 454 views

I don't know what career I should choose?

Hello, I'm Tanjina I'm trying to find a career that fits me the best. I like helping people, this makes me really happy. #career #career-choice

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Gloria Sep 24, 2016 772 views

What are the best opportunities for someone entering mechanical engineering?

I was wondering what are the good things to know beforehand what mechanical engineering offers for people. I want to know what are the kind of projects I can work on with that field in mind. I would like to know if there are any limits to what projects I can work on in that field....’s Avatar Aug 04, 2021 474 views

What age is it best to start a business.

Hi I'm 14 in the 10th grade.
My name is Aiyana. #business #business-development #marketing #entrepreneur #finance

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cavin Jul 12, 2019 613 views

how creative is the welding industry and can i create big sculpture or is it a narrow feild when it comes to creativity

#art #marketing #business #welding