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What first internship is good for finance student?

I have looked through much more information about internship. Insurance, wealth management, asset management…… finance

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5 answers

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Kathryn’s Answer

I think that really depends on what type of career in finance you are interested in. There are a number of internship opportunities that offer rotational programs, which will give you a exposure to 2-3 areas of finance. Following an internship like that, you may have a much better idea of what interests you and how you can pursue a long-term career in that area of finance. You are also not limited to one internship throughout college. You can intern one summer in one area of finance and then try a different internship the following summer. I would also look to see what kind of shorter term opportunities exist for over winter break. While it may not be a traditional internship, it would still grant you exposure to another area of finance. Regardless of what type of internship you pursue, you are making professional connections and getting hands-on work experience, which is the most important.
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Jessica’s Answer

Internships are a great way to test out potential careers without a big commitment. Finance is a very broad field and careers can vary widely.

If you have the option try to do multiple internships in various types of Finance (Corporate, Investment, Financial Planning...); this way you can see which one you like the most and which one you can see yourself doing long term.

A first good internship will vary based on what you are interested in, if you have some previous business experience a role in FP&A might be a good place to start. If you like the stock market and follow it you might be interested in an investment research role as a first stepping stone.

Always remember that this is the first step into the professional world so make sure to treat the internship seriously but also know that you can always change career path if you'd like.
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Steven’s Answer

As described above, it will take some research to find areas of strong interest for you. I view any experience as a huge positive at your stage though. There are so many kinds and sizes of businesses, and all have something to offer in some form, maybe even that you're not interested! I still refer to my internship in college and things I learned in that organization, even if it doesn't relate to direction my career went! Good luck!
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Greg’s Answer

The major distinction to make is what type of Finance you're looking to pursue. Broadly speaking I consider there to be two fields:
Investment Finance and Corporate Finance.

Investment Finance would focus more on stocks, bonds, financial planning and such for individuals or groups. This is like the Wolf of Wall Street Character.

Corporate Finance would focus more on creating financial reports for companies, analyzing prices and revenue of products, determining how many people to hire and how to align that to business strategy. This is like the CFO of a company.

Many of the same skills will apply to both. Things like understanding Net Present Value analysis, making appropriate comparisons, comparative advantage and basic economics, etc...
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Mikio’s Answer