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Xavier Aguayo-Díaz, CPWA®, CEPA®

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San Juan, Puerto Rico
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Ichelle ’s Avatar
Ichelle May 27, 2016 989 views

As a umcoming financial advisor, I would like to know what is one of most challenging area of this career field and what advice would you give to someone like me to minimize or eliminate this challenge.

I am a outgoing high school Junior who strives to be successful by taking small but meaningful actions to reach my goals. I spend atleast three days a week researching my future career but haven't find a answer to this question. I want to be prepared for any challenge that awaits me as best as...

frankie’s Avatar
frankie Sep 07, 2022 536 views

does it take alot of patientce to be a pschiatrists.

i love working with others.

Phoenix’s Avatar
Phoenix Jul 22, 2022 791 views

College .VS. Trade school what are the risks and the rewards for each?

Is it worth spending more money to go to college when I could go to trade school and spend less to get the same certification at a trade school?

mikayla’s Avatar
mikayla Aug 31, 2017 1063 views

Do you have a lot of free time at work being a finance adviser ?

I want to become a personal finance adviser and I want to know will you have a lot of off time? Will i be able to make my own schedule?
#finance #personalfinance

Tan’s Avatar
Tan Aug 28, 2022 667 views

What major should I choose?

I am currently taking a bachelors degree in BS in Physical therapy. What would be the best major to take or like the most common in hirings? Is it paediatrics or geriatrics or something else?

Ena’s Avatar
Ena Feb 26, 2017 1168 views

What first internship is good for finance student?

I have looked through much more information about internship. Insurance, wealth management, asset management…… #finance

Genevieve’s Avatar
Genevieve Sep 07, 2022 597 views

If I want to become a Cybersecurity Analyst, what should I get my bachelors in?

(Asking for my brother) Should I get my bachelors in computer information sciences, IT, or computer science? I was also considering my bachelors with an undergraduate cybersecurity certificate? Will I get a job if I have this combo?